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In 2016, a growing citywide coalition led by JustLeadershipUSA in partnership with the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice are calling on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to close the notorious Rikers Island jail complex. After decades of violence and corruption, Rikers Island is beyond reform.


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A breakdown of the history of violence and corruption at Rikers Island.



Detaining a person at Rikers Island for a year costs the City (i.e., taxpayers) $167,000 per year.

A fraction of those resources could turn a person’s life around and help build communities in low-income parts of the city.
Source: NYC Independent Budget Office, 2013.




93% of Rikers Island detainees are black or Hispanic.

By comparison, 53% of New York City residents are black or Hispanic.
Source: Community States for Rikers Island





85% of those detained are awaiting trial.

These are people stuck in our jails because they are too poor to make bail. The remaining detainees are serving sentences of less than a year.
Source: New York Times, “What is happening at Rikers Island,”



The Future of Rikers

How do you see Rikers Island down the line?

Submit writing or a video showing us how you envision Rikers Island.


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#CLOSErikers Rally at New York City Hall (Photos)

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58 NYC organizations call for the closure of Rikers Island on the steps of City Hall


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Momentum Builds for Criminal Justice Reform in New York City

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April 14, 2016 (New York, NY)— The #CLOSErikers coalition held a rally on the steps of New York City Hall today, in a major public kick-off of their campaign to close Rikers Island Jail Complex.


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